Parem veelgi

Authors: Tanel Padar, Tarvi Kull, Kaspar Kalluste

Tanel Padar has launched a new single "Parem veelgi". The song is inspired by self-development and finding the right path in life. This song gives fresh breathing to Tanel's creations.

Tanel has always been open to new challenges and opportunities, and now he is the first artist who will collaborate with Fanvestory! Tanel Padar is a well-known artist for all Estonians: he is the only one who has won The Eurovision Song Contest.
What is offered: 33.00% in all song revenues
Price for 1%: 200€
Users can buy: 0.05% - 0.73%
Earning period: 10 years + potential extensions
Revenue sources:
  • Live
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Streaming
  • Sync
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Artist statistics:

Youtube plays 3.6M
Spotify plays 2.1M
Facebook likes 21k
Instagram followers 30k
#Update “Parem veelgi” was launched on March 30, 2017. The song has played 665 times in the top Estonian radio stations since then and it ranked second among Estonian performers last month.




6,600€ raised of 6,600€ goal

  • Fanvestors (104)
  • Sirle H

  • Sigre

  • Heiki

  • Liina Karu

  • Andrus Asavi