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Fanvestory for Artists

Your fans are your evangelists. When they fund and promote your music, give them some deserved recognition, merch, and experiences.

Good karma. Great benefits.

Engage and inspire your superfans

Your true believers. Show them some love and gamification. Treat fans with points and badges for promoting your music.

Sell more merch and experiences

A fanvestor is likely to buy more merchandise. As well as exclusive experiences specially designed for superfans.

Get an advance from the future

Fans who believe in you will fund your next project. They’ll get 10-50% of your future royalties and other such income. Set fair terms and everyone’s happy.

Põhja Tallinn - Fanvestory

Thanks to Fanvestory, we had the chance to increase our promotional power, which led to being nominated as the Radio 2’s Song of the Year. Song “Alati olemas” became the symbol of the band’s reunion!



The power of loyal fans is greater than ever in a digital music era

If you’re an artist, publisher or record label, add Fanvestory to your arsenal. It’ll be good. We’ll show you.