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Fanvestory for Artists

We turn your fans into active promoters of your songs. We engage them with gamification, exclusive merch offers and copyright royalties.

Benefits of joining Fanvestory

Increase fanbase with gamification

Allow fans to promote your songs. Let them earn points, level up and unlock badges.

Boost your merchandise sales

Combine traditional merch with exclusive experiences to create desired packages for fans.

Receive future royalties today

Share 10-50% of the future royalty earnings with your fans, receive money today.

Põhja Tallinn - Fanvestory

Thanks to Fanvestory, we had the chance to increase our promotional power, which led to being nominated as the Radio 2’s Song of the Year. Song “Alati olemas” became the symbol of the band’s reunion!



We believe that the power of crowds has greater effect than ever before in the digital music era

If you’re an artist, publisher or label, we’ll show you how to get the most out of Fanvestory.

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