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Fan Engagement For Artists. HOW? WHAT? WHY?

Eleri Anni 24 July, 2018

Walkmans are long gone, Spotify is basically ruling the world. What will happen to fan engagement?   The way fans consume music has changed, so should change the way artists communicate with them. As Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming platforms are on the rise and booming, the sale [...]

All about the first payout, sources of income and future plans!

Juko-Mart Kõlar 28 June, 2018

Fanvestory has launched 8 successful projects since March 2017 with Tanel Padar, Tommy Cash, Mahavok, Põhja-Tallinn, Ott Lepland, Justs, Liis Lemsalu and Arop. Our goal is to create direct artist and fan connection by providing fans with meaningful experience and long-term information regardin [...]

Who are our fanvestors and why did they buy a piece of a song?

Juko-Mart Kõlar 15 August, 2017

Fanvestory is a music industry crowdfunding platform that helps artists to earn cash up-front and increase their promotional power, while music fans ("fanvestors") get to engage with the artists in new and interesting way and earn long-term royalties with them.    Since the launch of the p [...]

Hyperloop: next stop - September

Birgit Karus 07 June, 2017

Time goes by so fast! It has been 3 months since we joined Startup Wise Guys accelerator and 2 months from the launch of our first project.   What did we do in May?   Launch of the new song by Tommy Cash Have you checked his schedule this summer? This is crazy! Thum [...]

How much is a song worth?

Juko-Mart Kõlar 22 May, 2017

Being successful in the music business comes down to a very simple thing: writing the ultimate songs. But how much are these songs actually worth?   Fanvestory allows fans to buy shares in songs' future royalties and earn long-term revenue, while supporting the artists (songwriters) [...]

May – it looks like we can scale!

Meeri Lille 18 May, 2017

We have secured our first angel investment round for 100 000 € that keeps us going for the next 10 months. Investors, who invested in us, have music, legal or investment background, so they can also help us with their know-how. We’d like to thank all our investors for believing in us! Next [...]

Estonian rapper Tommy Cash, who wants to be 'Kanye East', is second artist that joins Fanvestory

Meeri Lille 02 May, 2017

On 1st of May Fanvestory launched second project successfully with TOMMY CASH, which was sold out rapidly as the first one. Fanvestory team believes that he has huge potential to rock it and conquer the world. Tommy has become one of the biggest social media stars among all Estonians and has e [...]

Ajujaht TOP 7

Meeri Lille 21 April, 2017

We had to face different challenges in Ajujaht competition: mentor meetings, pitching, team building, marketing, sales and business strategy related tests. In April TOP7 brilliant ideas were chosen. Fanvestory was one of them....TOP 7 it is!   Related articles: [...]

We're the only Estonian startup in SWG accelerator batch 8

Meeri Lille 20 April, 2017

11 international teams were selected to Startup Wise Guys. It is a leading B2B Startup accelerator in Europe. Fanvestory was the chosen one! Accelerator has helped us a lot! We'd like to thank SWG team, mentors, investors, corporate partners and alumni contacts, who have supported us on th [...]

Fanvestory in radio show "Restart"

Meeri Lille 08 April, 2017

We talked with Tallinn Music Week organizer Helen Sildna and Music Estonia representative Virgo Sillamaa about the music industry and what the future holds for us.   Related articles: [...]

Our first 72 hours

Meeri Lille 03 April, 2017

Overview of Fanvestory launch in Estonian   Fanvestory on innovaatiline platvorm, mis võimaldab fännidel soetada osalus loomevaldkonna teostes ja toodetes. Meie unikaalne ärimudel loob esmakordselt võimaluse panustada loomevaldkonna toodetesse ja saada osa tuludest, mis on seni o [...]

First project launched and sold out less than hour

Meeri Lille 31 March, 2017

March 30th Fanvetory launced first project. It took place in the Estonian National Broadcast TV show called Ringvaade. The first listed song was by famous Estonian singer Tanel Padar and it was sold out in 30 minutes! Well, the media went crazy about our business idea and everyone wrote about [...]

Fanvestory in economy newspaper "Äripäev"

Meeri Lille 29 March, 2017

A story about Fanvestory launching a new business model on the investments market. It allows fans to invest in song royalties. For the first time fans have the opportunity to earn together with the artist, not only support them.   Related articles: [...]

Fanvestory got a place in TOP 30 of Ajujaht

Meeri Lille 27 November, 2016

Competition Ajujaht 2017 (Brainhunt) is one of the most known business competition in Estonia. For 5 months Ajujaht helps to develop the new businesses with trainings, mentoring and challenges. Only the best TOP 30 ideas out of 250 are selected to the tv show. Our journey with Fanvestory began [...]

What happens if you mix creative industries with IT?

Meeri Lille 29 August, 2016

Fanvestory happens! We took part in Digix Loomehäkk (creative hackaton) start up competition in August 2016, where we created a team and had to show off our skills with 48 hour. We managed to win it! Our award was a place in TOP 30 of Ajujaht (Brainhunt) competition and place in Digix accelera [...]