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Revals music deal

The debut album of REVALS is a delicacy to every music lover. The album with 26 songs includes songs from radio TOPs: “Allpool jõge”, “Jumal elab pealinnas”, “Kirjad ääremaalt”, concert hits: “Mul on sõpru”, “Must” and “Peatamatu” + totally new songs. Rock, blues, folk and country meet on REVALS’ brand new album “REVALS”.



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Songs included

Kirjad ääremaalt


18% royalties from concerts, radio & TV, downloads & streaming, sync deals


Payouts 2x a year, earning period 3 years

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10.00€ Song share Own 0.03% of REVALS’ two songs “Upun” and “Kirjad ääremaalt”. Song share You will own 0.03% of this song(s) Claimed 100 of 150
18.00€ Signed album & song share In addition to the song share, the band will personally send you a signed copy of their debut album “REVALS”. Signed album & song share You will own 0.04% of this song(s) Claimed 30 of 150
Sold out 35.00€ Meet-and-greet concert ticket , signed album & song share REVALS will invite you to their private concert and personally send you a signed copy of their album “REVALS”. And ofc, you will get the song share too. Meet-and-greet concert ticket , signed album & song share You will own 0.05% of this song(s) Claimed 15 of 15

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