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Öed music deal

Women’s duo Öed aka Kristel Aaslaid and Tuuli Rand is a special force, where fireworks and island’s essence bind together. The duo entered to the local music scene in last year’s March, when they came out with a single called “Ära käpi mind”. Now, every single music fan has the chance to be part of Öed’s creation and support their following road in the music world.



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Be a part of Öed's success 🏆

Songs included

"Ära käpi mind"


33% royalties from concerts, radio & TV, downloads & streaming, sync deals


Payouts 2x a year, earning period 3 years

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10.00€ A song share Own 0.1% of Öed’s song “Ära käpi mind”. A song share You will own 0.1% of this song(s) Claimed 48 of 100
25.00€ Signed album & song share Öed will personally send you a signed copy of their debut album “ÖED”. And don’t worry, you will get a share too. Signed album & song share You will own 0.2% of this song(s) Claimed 12 of 50
30.00€ Laadna T-shirt & song share Öed will send You this awesome unisex Laadna t-shirt. PS! A song share is granted as well. Laadna T-shirt & song share You will own 0.15% of this song(s) Claimed 3 of 40
Sold out 50.00€ VIP meet-and-greet concert ticket & song share Meet-and-greet concert ticket to Erinevate Tubade Klubi on 16th November at 19:00. You will be able to meet the band after their performance. In addition, you will get a song share. VIP meet-and-greet concert ticket & song share You will own 0.25% of this song(s) Claimed 1 of 1
100.00€ Yoga session with Öed for 2 people & song share Öed will come with You to a Yoga session instructed by Marilyn Jurman on 9th December (15:00). Location: Viru 3-4, Tallinn. And ofc, you will get a song share too. Yoga session with Öed for 2 people & song share You will own 1% of this song(s) Claimed 0 of 4

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